Now THAT was a lot of fun…!!

14 Feb

Today marked the very first gathering of leaders in Columbus, OH for a GAME DAY event!! What a great group of people with a big vision for our future!! Thank you Columbus… #Bonverarocks!! #SWEET16columbus selfie

Time to move on…

12 Feb

Almost 15 years ago, Nancy and I joined a group of friends that were chasing dreams! It has been an awesome journey, and we will never forget the lessons we learned. Although our dreams remain intact, we have decided to end our affiliation with Life Leadership as of 2/12/2016. (p.p It is now time to write the next chapter of this amazing life that God has blessed us with. We are once again on fire with passion and enthusiasm, and our future has never looked brighter!!
family pic
Life is short…Time for our next adventure!

Are you willing to fight…

21 Nov

No words…This story epitomizes what it takes to win. Face your giants and fight…
catching kayla

Let’s get this straight…

9 Oct MSU Linebacker 
Chris Norman

NormanCSports…I LOVE THEM! I am talking about just about every sport you can think of. Why do I love sports so much? Because of the lessons that can be taught about life in the pursuit of excellence in a sport. My kids are VERY involved in sports…football, basketball, baseball, volleyball…and they compete at the highest levels and against the best competition that we can find for them. It’s about teamwork…it’s about setting goals…it’s about mental toughness…it’s about facing adversity…it’s about never quitting…and it IS about winning and losing (no matter what your school policy says).

That being said, sports are NOT the most important thing in our lives! We as a society have went WAY off the reservation with where we place the importance of sports in our lives. Sports stadiums are the centerpiece of every major city in the United States. Television stations have dedicated 24 hour sports channels. Restaurants have huge flat screen t.v.’s to feed our voracious appetites for our sports. Our sports figures are now our celebrities and superheroes. We are ensnared…

Let’s get this straight…if sports are consuming your life, you WILL die! In fact, you will die whether you are allowing sports to consume your life or not…and THAT is the most important thing that we should think about. We are on this earth for a blink of time, and then your eternity begins, and it lasts FOREVER. Are you spending more time looking up the Tigers box scores or searching for spiritual truths that will ensure that your eternity is secure?

Please take the time to watch this short video of MSU Linbacker, Chris Norman…a rising sports hero that gets it!

Why is your kid such a punk?

24 Apr

punk kid imageSince exiting the rat race over a decade ago, my goal was to only do things that actually mattered. One of the things that I now love to do is coach our local boys Track & Field team in the Spring. This gives me an opportunity to stay involved in a sport that I love, and invest time in positively influencing young people. These have been my general observations over the last several years being involved with young people:

1) Work ethic is a foreign concept
2) Disrespect of authority is commonplace
3) Showing off is more important than showing up
4) Negative self-talk is the internal language
5) General negativity abounds

What is going on?! One word…MEDIA. I am not talking specifically about news sources (although I haven’t found one yet that I would recommend to kids…or adults for that matter…), but rather all sources of media that we are exposed to…Television, Radio, Newspapers, Magazines, Internet etc…

Name an example of a television program that shows the positive traits of work ethic and respect for authority. What popular athletes and/or celebrities are examples of humble, thankful, and positive people that understand where their blessing come from? Ok…Tim Tebow…ONE! Have you listened to the radio recently? It is amazing what the DJ’s talk about between playing songs that glorify all of the behavior listed above. Keep your eye on your kids’ Facebook and Instagram accounts…I have had to “unfriend” and “unfollow” several of my kids “friends” that are helping to perpetuate the problem by posting things that are generally inappropriate.

Whoever controls the media, controls the world. Are you being intentional when it comes to the media that you allow into your home? More specifically, are you being intentional about what media you allow into your kids impressionable brains? I personally do everything that I can to make sure my kids have media options like great books and cd’s that teach basic Christian principles of success. I do what I can to be an example and a source of information for that kids that I coach in the Spring as well. But, if we are going to turn the tide, more parents need to intercede and actually parent rather than allow the media to raise a generation of punks.

Hey, it’s your brain…

10 Dec

Did you know that your brain is made up of over 100,000 miles of blood vessels, billions of neurons, and processes information at 268 miles per hour?! In fact, your brain is responsible for your personality traits, movement, hearing, seeing, sensing, learning, behavior, thinking, and even digestion. Over 70,000 thoughts per day run through the supercomputer sitting on your neck.brain picture

I think it’s important for us to think correctly about what our brain actually does for us. I was at a leadership seminar several years ago, and after we were all seated and the keynote speaker was introduced, he came to the podium and said, “Gee…it was nice of ya’ll to show up, but you could have just dropped your brain off at your chair and took your body back to your hotel room to relax.” What a great way to help us understand that we were there to purposely put information into our brains! I know, I know…we all understand that our brain is the organ in our body that processes information, but almost no one understands the importance of being intentional with what information we put into our brains.

My 5-year-old daughter came skipping out of her Sunday school class last Sunday singing a song that many of us have heard and probably even sang as a child…”Be careful little eyes what you see. Oh be careful little eyes what you see (for the Father up above is looking down in love…). Be careful little ears what you hear. Oh be careful little ears what you hear”. When we got home, we talked with her and our other 2 children about the importance of being careful with what we put into our brains through our eyes and our ears (the only 2 ways to get info in there!). We thought back through our day and talked about what we allowed into our brains. Gospel cd on the way to church…good. Sunday school and church service…good. Bible reading…good. Sponge Bob Square pants cartoon while Mom and Dad where getting ready for church…BAD!

On your success journey, program your brain with specific intent. Decide what you will allow and what you will not allow into your supercomputer. Read great books, listen to inspirational audio recordings, watch uplifting movies, surround yourself with people who will encourage and inspire you. And if you ever find yourself sitting on your couch “mindlessly” watching television, take a moment to picture your brain sitting there soaking up every bit of that information…maybe that will help you put things into perspective!

God bless you on your journey…

You can’t stop Me!

25 Apr

One of the most important lessons that I learned from my parents as I was growing up was the power of persistence.  “When you start something, you finish it” was one of the many things that my brothers and I were told over and over again as we pursued a myriad of activities.  Quitting was simply not tolerated and was never an option.  I am discovering as I grow older and pursue excellence that that one lesson alone may be the most important element to success in any given field.

Once you set your mind on a goal and begin acting on it, there will be absolutely NOTHING that can keep you from your goal except YOU!  If you will resolve to persist no matter what, you will have it.  It may take more time than you anticipated…it may not be attained in exactly the manner in which you had originally designed, but if you will doggedly persist…it’s yours.

Here are 4 ways to develop persistence according to Napoleon Hill:



3) CLOSE YOUR MIND TIGHTLY AGAINST ALL NEGATIVE AND DISCOURAGING INFLUENCES (including negative suggestions or relatives, friends and acquaintances)